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vrijdag 13 november 2015

Illustration Friday "animal"

Eerst geloven dan zien.....
ik geloof in draken en eenhoorns
ik zie draken en eenhoorns

First believe than see
i believe in dragins and unicorns
i see dragons and unicorns...
the power of believing

dinsdag 3 november 2015

Illustration Friday "Bouquet"

Thinking of a bouquet my mind went to
"Flower" from Bambi!
So for this theme I have made my own Skunk
with  a bouquet of Nasturtium.

woensdag 28 oktober 2015

Inktober day 28 / Illustration Friday "adventure"

"I can see a mermaidcat!"
Said Red to his friend Siepie.
The Capricorn in the Sky was smiling,
she knew better!

Capricornus has one of the oldest mythological associations,
having been consistently represented as a 
of a goat and a fish since the 
Middle Bronze Age.

dinsdag 27 oktober 2015

Inktober day 27 / Illustration Friday "adventure"

"The Libra felt quite out of balance 
while the House-cat was catching the stars from the scale....."

Libra is home to the star Gliese 581, which has a planetary
 system consisting of at least 6 planets.
inktober day 27
Illustration Friday adventure

zondag 25 oktober 2015

INKtober day... a lot of days!!

She feels just so proud as her starsign; Leo.
day 21

"We are Siamese if you please.
We are Siamese if you don't please.
Now we're looking over our new domisile.
If we like we stay for maybe quite a while."

Wie kent ze niet, de twee siamezen van Lady and the Tramp?!

Inktober dag 22: tweeling & siamezen. 

They (the cows) were so in love with him (the taurus) ....
day 23
Taurus hosts two of the nearest open clusters to Earth, the Pleiades and the Hyades.

"The sheep felt very safe with the great aries watching over them at night...."
day 25
The symbol of the ram is based on the Chrysomallus, the flying ram that provided the Golden Fleece.

I was a bit behind!!

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Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment!